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Your Guide to Launching a Tech Career

This is an article “Your Guide to Launching a Tech Career” by Marc Primo

With the many advances in tech these days and how the current health crisis has forced more employees to shackle up at home and work, it’s easy enough to assume how you may have thought about launching your own tech career one way or another. Be it for extra income or in pursuit of your true passions, knowing the ‘ins and outs’ of modern technology is not as easy as giving up your day job and jumping on the bandwagon. Fortunately, you won’t need a college degree if you want to launch a job in tech. All it takes is knowing what you want to do and a short bootcamp to jumpstart your career.

Regardless if you have vast experience or otherwise in the tech field, there are several courses offered online which you can sign up for and learn the latest in the industry. Certificate and diploma-offering sites such as Udemy or Springboard offer short-term courses with almost everything you need to learn at affordable prices.

As for which tech courses you should look into, here are a few you might want to consider.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX or in their actual terms, user interface or user experience development, is always an important aspect of practically any type of digital business. Engaging and maintaining a good relationship with consumers calls for an efficient UI/UX functionality and design that entails proper coding, page and content management, and e-commerce features among others which can all increase business conversions.

Most courses go for as long as nine months but once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’re all set to earn an average annual salary of $85,000 as a developer.

Data Analytics

You may have heard how data is the most valuable resource today and a career in tech will definitely be full of it. The science of analyzing raw data continues to evolve as social behavior also continues to change depending on trends. That makes a career in data analytics a lucrative one to get into with data analysts all over the country earning an average of $70,000 annually.

Studying a six-month course will allow you to make clear and efficient decisions about customer information, plus techniques on how to use the latest algorithms and apply them to your client’s marketing funnels, customer experience, and other marketing campaigns.

Data Engineering

Working hand in hand with data analysts and UI/UX developers are data engineers who ensure that proper machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), are integrated into the mix for more effective business strategies.

Learning how to work tools like SQL or Python helps you deliver deeper and more useful insights for data scientists to further review. In other words, being a data engineer will require you to interpret raw data into pipelines that are engineered for proper functionality.

Six-month courses are available online which will familiarize you with software engineering practices and more efficient ways to handle large data sets. Once you begin your career as a data engineer, you can expect an annual average income of nearly $100,000.

Start learning

Signing up for tech courses online usually requires around 15 to 20 hours of your time per week, but these fast-paced learning arrangements are truly worth both your time and money.

Be sure to make a background check of your assigned teachers and mentors to be sure that you get proper tech education. Once you get your certificate or diploma, you can also ask for a hiring coach who can lead you to potential clients.

Starting a career in tech is always easier if you have the passion for it. Understanding how things work from website functionalities to data management will surely go a long way into the future if you’re looking for a stable career. And that’s also based on the most recent data!


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