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What You Can Do For Businesses Right Now

This is an article “What You Can Do for Businesses Right Now” by Marc Primo

Social distancing has hurt most in-person shops and businesses since calls to flatten the COVID-19 curve were implemented all around the world, and so far there’s no clear sign when things will return to normal. According to analysts, around 15,000 retail companies can suffer permanent closures and can render over 3 million people unemployed before summer. For small towns in America where small shops have gained some form of support from its local citizens through the years, the continued patronage is appreciated but the lingering question remains: is it enough?

The internet is abuzz with many suggestions from netizens on how we can support businesses amidst the financial crunch this novel pandemic has brought them. In a way, things have turned around in the sense that while businesses worked for years to address consumers’ pain points, now, it’s up to the latter to save companies worldwide from suffering further.

Here’s what we think would help.

Check-in with your local businesses

Since many of us are encouraged to stay home, one way we can show our local businesses support is by asking them how they are, what mitigating measures they are implementing, and what sort of help they need right now. These simple questions can trigger solutions that can address not only the needs of businesses but of consumers as well.

If some businesses were forced to close temporarily like bars, cafes, or co-working spaces, offer suggestions on how they can weather the disruption by looking into other avenues where they can contribute to solving the big problem. Several liquor distillers have already shifted to producing gel-based alcohol to sell and provide hospitals and households with proper sanitation needs. Simple suggestions like these can spark ideas on how to stay afloat while everything is being shuttered at the moment.

Be walking ads

These days, everyone seems to be going online to check on their social media accounts for news and information regarding the government’s stand against the COVID-19 pandemic and how they can secure their needs. That makes “right now” the best time to help businesses by promoting their products if they are still available for purchase. Some food stores have transitioned to offering delivery and door-to-door services with other usual dine-in restaurants even selling raw marinated meat that can be cooked at home.

Getting the word out there and encouraging others to support local businesses who are still fighting to earn a profit can be done using social media. Some more established businesses are also in need of more manpower, so try and help them out by posting wanted ads on your own social media pages. Operations can keep on going if people just simply like, post comments, and share.

Be proactive in initiatives

This is also an opportune time to create some moment marketing for the companies you’d like to support. By helping businesses share their stories and initiatives with others, you get to help and amplify their brand as one that is reliable and trustworthy.

This strategy is also not solely exclusive for big name brands who have the capacity to donate cash or kind to other institutions that are in need of help. Small businesses are also taking part in solving the big problem right now through fundraising projects and partnerships that all aim to improve the situation.

By simply listening in on community projects and helping spread the word around about the positivity that involves businesses, you can help them strike a strong recall with consumers who will remember these brands when the smoke clears.

It’s a community effort

The success of any business highly depends on community behavior and these are the times when support for the companies we are all loyal to is much needed. Most businesses will be sure to go public or opt for loans but the harsh reality is getting out of these dire straits cannot be achieved without ample public support.

When more companies are forced to close down, the economy will suffer and affect consumers everywhere. Somehow, worry can be eased if people and companies just start to help each other out any way they can.


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