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Signs You Should Quit Your Job and Engage in Business

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The following is an article “Signs You Should Quit Your Job and Engage in Business” by Marc Primo.

Online global community reported in 2016 that 62% of millennials have considered setting up their own businesses. Today, the Pew Research Center says that over 35% of the generation help make up the entire U.S. workforce and are mostly thriving. Common factors that drive these young professionals to being self-employed are flexibility and the freedom to do what they really want for profit.

If you are currently procrastinating quitting your dead-end job and starting your own business, perhaps these telltale signs can help convince you that being your own boss holds more promising prospects for you in the future.

You are no longer motivated

Lacking motivation in the office is one of the strongest signs that it might not be best for you to be there after all. Whether you’ve hit a career plateau and find no luck in being promoted after more than three years in the same position, or just plainly don’t like the tasks handed to you, looking for another path where you can be more productive is definitely better than rotting in your office desk. Staying in a job for too long can lead to job stagnation and can even affect your credibility as a professional, and the more you stay the less motivated you become to create any progress. If you find yourself stuck in an unpromising job, you might want to revisit your passions or big ideas that can propel you to start your own business, which leads us to the next sign.

You channel your passions into something else

All of us are passionate about something. Be it creating music or cooking, our once innocent hobbies can someday turn out to be the most profitable business venture we can take. A 2019 survey by says that around 40% of 18 to 22 year-olds have side jobs where they are more passionate about than their day jobs. That’s not surprising in this age of startups when everyone can pick out a niche market and make a profit. Some of the most profitable business niches you might want to check out are blogging, graphic design, or social media marketing among hundreds of others.

If you are still passionate about a particular skill, product, or craft, then maybe putting up a business that’s centered on improving that passion is worth trying out. Once you have more flexibility, you’ll find that you can improve on your business acumen gradually and grow your earnings in no time.

You stumbled upon a big idea

Most startups emerge from one single idea. Successful businessmen apply passion, creativity, and vision to produce novel solutions that can help consumers with their daily lives. If you think that you’ve chanced upon a great idea that can be a hit in the market, then by all means go for it. Don’t let the lack of business knowledge hold you back as you can easily ask for strategies from friends and family on how you should go about your first business venture. You can even find some helpful business courses online to help you with the basics. All you really need is to take that leap of faith to self-employment and move forward from there.

If you’ve ticked a check mark on one or all of these signs, then maybe fate is telling you to hand in that two-week notice soon and start your own business. But don’t act on impulse just yet and make sure you have a sound business plan first by consulting your friends and family about your big move. After all, they are the ones who might be your first customers and the people who you can rely on for support once you decide to go all the way into the erratic world of business.


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