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Saving Up on Presents During the Holidays

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The following is an article “Saving Up on Presents During the Holidays” by Marc Primo.

Christmas is a time for presents, gifts, and the usual dent on your wallet. However, for those who know how to handle their money, the holidays can also open up opportunities for good purchases, big discounts, and great savings. It’s all just a matter of where to look and how you approach your gift-buying spree.

Most people welcome the Christmas season with huge smiles on their faces because it is also the time for work bonuses. While some may feel that they have earned some purchasing power with additional income, it would always do you some good if you save up a portion of your bonus and not splurge it all on presents.

Below are some tips that might come in handy when you go out and shop for gifts for your loved-ones while also being keen on saving up.

Do some Christmas spring cleaning. The holidays are the perfect time for you to do some major house cleaning and free up some space by putting clutter to good use. Use the Marie Kondo method of sorting out clothes, books, accessories, and other stuff that may or may not bring you joy and you might find some items that are still worth wrapping up as a Christmas present. Try having a garage or social media sale for second-hand things that still work fine but are no longer of any use to you like collectibles or furniture, then use your earnings from that to buy presents. If your Christmas spirit is high, organize a donation drive with your friends and give all your unused things to the less fortunate. That, in a way, proves that you can still make Christmas special for others, even through secondhand items.

Do as Santa does. Christmas is usually a season of spending and making a list of those you want to buy presents for can help you save up big time. But before you do make a presents list, consider other expenses that you might have to make like Christmas parties, food, and travel plans so you can track where all your money goes. Once that is done, allot a certain budget for the people you are going to buy gifts for and make sure you don’t spend too much on each gift. It’s really the thought that counts, so there’s really no need to buy pricey ones just to impress.

Don’t give in to the ghost of Christmas present. And by that I mean online shopping. These days, it is certainly more convenient to shop for presents online but more costs come with that perk including delivery and shipping charges. Worse, some items might be defective or might not make it for Christmas due to delays. Make a schedule for when you go out and buy presents from the store, know what you need to get, and scout for shops that offer big Christmas discounts. At least you can make sure that nothing is broken when you purchase it and you are sure that you’re getting what you want. However, if you find some good online coupons and Holiday auctions then by all means go for it. Some of your friends might be holding online sales on social media and you might just score a good deal if you look hard enough.

Do as Santa does again. Aside from making a Christmas list, you can take more good pointers from the greatest gift-giver of all time like limiting your shopping schedule to one day and shopping when there’s only a few people in shops. You get to save up on transportation and food expenses and can enjoy the quiet shopping time without elbowing you way for space. Try to buy the less expensive gifts first so you can get some leverage on your budget and refrain from buying things on impulse. Figuring out who’s naughty and nice early will allow you to decide on the best gifts to buy and not be distracted by the sea of products on offer at the mall.


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