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How to Turn $100 Into a Cash Cow

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

This is an article “How to Turn $100 Into a Cash Cow” by Marc Primo.

Considering the dizzying rate of today’s inflation, $100 might seem way too little to invest. But with a little stroke of ingenuity and determination, you can turn your hundred bucks into a wick that could light up your long-term financial goal.

Investing is one of the most surefire ways to grow your money. However, most people think that investments entail a lot of money so they lose out on gains for years not knowing you can do a lot with $100… or even less.

Check out these simple tips you can do right now to plant your money tree with as little as a hundred being your seed.

Retirement. If you are working for a company that offers retirement plans, investing $100 a month that’s automatically deducted from your paycheck can grow your money over time. This is a good way to increase your retirement savings as there is tax benefit and you never have to worry about doing it manually. What you’d want to do is adjust your monthly income and see if you can spare whatever amount you can add up to your retirement savings. That way, you can expect to gain more despite inflation in your retirement year.

Index Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds investments. If you happen to know a broker who knows what he is doing when it comes to making investments via index funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), then by all means ride the success wave over the years. This makes your money grow by investing in various indexed markets instead of picking the right stocks at the right time. Put your $100 in an account with companies that offer low charges (preferably around .25% annually). Study your options as there are many brokers out there with great investment deals and can help diversify your portfolio.

Dividend-paying investments. Placing your $100 in a dividend-paying investment already allows you to earn profits based on the number of shares you own. Of course, you can’t expect significant amounts initially but if you buy assets consistently then your dividends will become bigger over time. Aside from earning from your shares, you can also speed up building your financial portfolio.

Fractional investments. Much like dividend-paying investments, fractional investing allows you to buy portions of stock shares and $100 or less can do the trick. Without buying the price of an entire stock share, you can start investing by going on legitimate online websites that offer low account minimums. Try to increase your monthly investments so you could buy more fractional shares, improve your portfolio and then purchase entire stocks.

Pocket change. By making an account via Acorns, you can grow your $100 by saving up on your spare change and without putting much thought into the process. Acorns links your bank accounts with your credit cards and transactions, rounds up your pocket change to the nearest dollar and deposits it into a separate account that will then invest your money in a portfolio for better risk tolerance and financial management. You have the discretion of rounding up the difference for more investment savings or transfer money from your bank accounts and to your Acorns account. This little tool can help you grow your $100 so you could make more substantial investments in the future.

The secret to making fruitful investments is not having a huge sum of money to start but to utilize what resources and options there are to better manage it. $100 may not be much but you can certainly grow it in order to make more significant investments. Money doesn't grow on trees but it can certainly be a seed, no matter how little it may seem at first.


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