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Gaining Personal Finance Skills

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The following is an article “Gaining Personal Finance Skills”

by Marc Primo.

Personal finances are stressful. Some people consider even the basics to be a headache. Many of us go out into the workforce not even knowing if we need or want a 401k let alone a Roth IRA. It's not your fault, your parents didn't teach you, and your school probably didn't even include it in the curriculum. The only way to learn this in college is going for a finance or accounting major.

Nevertheless, it is time you take matters into your own hands.

Understanding and managing your finances is ultimately your responsibility. You know what they say, knowledge is power.

Understanding how to manage your finances can have benefits besides knowing where your money ends up each month. If you ever want to take out a loan, start a business, have a family and pass on the knowledge to your kids, etc. Going into any of these endeavors is a daunting task adding financial difficulties on top is just an unnecessary woe.

People that have a financial plan for themselves - with goals and time frames are usually the ones that end up reaching those goals.

So, where do you begin?

Here are three books that can immensely change your life giving you a handle on your finances.

1- Your Money or Your Life

Whether you’re just beginning your financial life or heading towards retirement, this book will show you how to:

• Get out of debt and develop savings

• Save money through mindfulness and good habits, rather than strict budgeting

• Declutter your life and live well for less

• Invest your savings and begin creating wealth

• Save the planet while saving money

2-The Simple Path to Wealth: Your road map to financial independence and a rich, free life .

“In the dark, bewildering, trap-infested jungle of misinformation and opaque riddles that is the world of investment, JL Collins is the fatherly wizard on the side of the path, offering a simple map, warm words of encouragement and the tools to forge your way through with confidence. You'll never find a wiser advisor with a bigger heart.” -- Malachi Rempen: Filmmaker, cartoonist, author and self-described ruffian

3-The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy

''The bestselling The Millionaire Next Door identifies seven common traits that show up again and again among those who have accumulated wealth. Most of the truly wealthy in this country don't live in Beverly Hills or on Park Avenue-they live next door. This new edition, the first since 1998, includes a new foreword for the twenty-first century by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley.''


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