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Four Ways To Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The following is an article “Four Ways To Turn Your Passion Into Profit” by Marc Primo.

Say you are an expert in creating DIY home crafts and you want to share your talent to the online community. So you got a camera and made your first video on how to create Origami. You upload it and that’s done, so you sleep it off. The next day, you check on YouTube and discover that you have a million hits and instantly realize that you can make a profit out of it.

Most people pursue careers that fuel their passions, but unfortunately for some 85% of those in offices, work has been miserable due to stress and poor management by their bosses. Studies show that attrition rates in the corporate world are greatly attributed to unfair management. Now if you really like what you are doing and want to profit from your passion sans the angry boss, then here are four tips on how you should go about it.

Feed knowledge. Even before the internet generation, most experts go into educational avenues to earn a profit. Setting up a course online where others can benefit from your expertise is one way of turning your passion into a lucrative activity. Consider utilizing WordPress or internet market Udemy for creating a curriculum online that will get you out there sharing your knowledge. Study reasonable fees for the courses you offer and do not overcharge as this can turn off potential clients and even ruin your credibility entirely.

Be an Online Influencer. Most for-profit YouTubers who have become global influencers have already amassed tons of profit with their videos. But YouTube is not the only platform where you can be an influencer. Try Instagram and create a visual catalogue for your target market then learn ways on how you can establish a significant number of followers. You can also sell ad space on your own account as posts can range from $30 to hundred thousands depending on your value as an influencer.

Sell online. If you are passionate about the goods you sell, then the fastest way to reach a market is online. Whether you sell services or products, having a good business model online is the right way to start off a lucrative venture. Set up small ads in Google Adwords to generate traffic to your site or make service offers in Freelancer sites Upwork or fiverr. While this process is somewhat laborious at first, you’ll soon get the hang of it and create a steady cash flow if you are passionate enough.

Blog. Opting to create a blog for what you sell online can generate profits if you set it up correctly. Do not be overwhelmed by the 505 million bloggers out there in the world. What matters is how you create your content and how you protect your credibility. Some bloggers earn millions a month from advertising revenue alone, so if you love to share knowledge and information about something you are passionate about, then blogging might just be your cup of tea. Just make sure that you generate a substantial number of followers and ad placements for your blog.


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