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Call Centers and Which Ones Can Help Your Business

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The following is an article “Call Centers and Which Ones Can Help Your Business” by Marc Primo.

The concept of customer service has been a vital aspect of business since time immemorial. Providing customers the fastest way they can get assistance, answer their queries, and get quick turnarounds manages their expectations and can convert them into loyal followers of your brand. As today’s businesses evolve into a more fast-paced digital realm, call centers all over the world help companies grow by giving their customers the satisfaction they need to be onboard.

Call centers don’t just accommodate customers via person-to-person interactions. They can also help in selling products and in building relationships as long as they have quick access to the company’s resource center. If you’re into a business that handles quite a number of customers, you can’t always expect to have the time to answer their queries and extend the help they need. Call centers can do that for you so it’s essential that they are aligned to how you value your product and which answers to give to avoid complaints and negative feedback online.

If you are shopping for a call center provider who you can rely on to handle customer interactions for your business, here’s a shortlist of the top three companies that can help grow your company.

1-888-GO-ANSWER. This company can definitely tick-off most items in your ‘reliable call center checklist’. They offer above par customer support and reasonable prices for a wide array of services. Whether you have a small company or handling customers by the millions, they offer packages that support any inbound or outbound call volume you may require. Some of their other services include follow-ups, market research, and customer lead assessment. Take it from this company which was built by a family of entrepreneurs when they say that answering machines just don’t cut it in the world of business. The results are authentic customer experiences from agents who know exactly what they are doing—and this company thrives on that.

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TeleDirect. Also offering both inbound and outbound services to its clients, Singapore-based TeleDirect is one of the best call centers out there when it comes to email management, interactive voice response and live-chat features. With seven key locations across Asia and Europe, this call center company utilizes a great team of agents, advanced tools, and leading-edge technology to create just the business solutions you need. You may customize your plans according to your by-the-minute requirements for business. Their agents are also reliable in accommodating customers in various languages like English and Spanish plus their data-security is topnotch and complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA, which sets the standards for patient confidentiality for medical companies. With TeleDirects analytics that’s accessible via their web portal, you can easily track your call center operations and quickly extract feedback from your customers in real-time.

Five Star Call Centers. When it comes to outbound services, Five Star Call Centers (which has been in the industry for over 35 years now), offer an assortment of services that includes upselling, recruiting, cold-calling, follow-ups and even fundraising. If you are looking to create a business campaign whether via marketing or sales strategies, this company can also help you design, organize and implement solutions. Prices start at $3000 a month, but you certainly get your money’s worth with customized services and a great team of agents who are experts in customer management. Their mother company is located at Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and operates in five locations in the United States.

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