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Best Plan For Retirement Blogs you should be reading

The following is an article “Best Plan For Retirement Blogs you should be reading” by Marc Primo.

This being a Personal Finance Blog I thought it might be pertinent to recommend a few other valid sources of good content. In this list, you will find the best blogs on the subject of early retirement. How to invest, save, and generate income in order to reach your retirement goals.

Oblivious Investor - by Mike Piper

The risk of losing money is the biggest fear we face when thinking about investments in this blog you will find sound advise to avoid it. Mike Piper describes his blog like this: "This blog is dedicated to spreading the idea that investment success is based upon stubbornly following a few (very simple) principles."

Squared Away Blog

Getting your finances Squared Away is important for all of us. This blog is dedicated to educating us about early retirement and any issues you may have to deal with. Authored by Kimberly Blanton, this blog is a perfect read for readers at the early planning stage or those who are already retired.

Asset Builder - by Scott Burns

Scott is one of the most extensively read personal finance bloggers in the US. He has been writing since 1977. His posts are charming, full of lessons, and very comprehensive. On his website, Asset Builder, you can find a personal investment plan generator as well as hoards of content to satisfy any finance question you might come up with.

Retirement Researcher

At Retirement Researcher, you will find a full library. This blog is a vast resource of knowledge based on in-depth research. Author Wade Pfau has a Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton moreover he is the Director of Retirement Research for McLean Asset Management as well as a Professor of Retirement income at The American College. So we can be sure the blog is named justly.


First things first, if you have not read ''Freakonomics'' the book, then you are missing out. Authored by economist Steven D. Levitt and writer Stephen J. Dubner this is a truly wonderful insight into how the human experience can be understood through an economist point of view. Just like the book the blog is irreverent and smart. Unlike the other blogs on the list, Freakonomics focuses on money in general and how it shapes the way the world turns in the most random ways. Trust me this will be the most entertaining read you can find on the subject of money and finance.

Can I Retire Yet?

Authored by Darrow Kirkpatrick, a navy brat turned eagle scout. Kirkpatrick’s style is straightforward and honest. You feel like reading a letter from a friend when going through his blog. His tagline, “Save More – Invest Smart – Retire Sooner,” says it all.

Can I Retire Yet, has excellent advice and resources to get you closer to your goal of early retirement.


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