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Develop A Winner’s Attitude on Financial Literacy

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The following is an article “Develop A Winner’s Attitude on Financial Literacy” by Marc Primo.

Like how a well-fueled race car is bound to cross the finish line, the right attitude on how you handle your finances can propel you to success. Your positive viewpoints, discipline and projections will matter a lot when you want to embark on a journey towards financial literacy and freedom.

First, you have to convince yourself that failure is never an option. Write down the reasons why you started your journey on a piece of post-it note and place it on your fridge or somewhere conspicuous. That way, when you feel like quitting, your reasons are always there to remind you why you need to do this.

There are several key things you have to develop in acquiring a winner’s attitude towards financial literacy. First you have to acknowledge that wealth acquisition is a must so you can enjoy the quality of life; then determine who are the right people you need to talk to; how you can manifest self-improvement; and how do you plan to manage your finances.

Most people procrastinate at the thought of setting their finances straight and accept that debt is inevitable. Make sure that you know it within yourself that now is always the right time to start and that financial freedom is not just a myth.

Millennial couple Garrett and Claudia Pennington found themselves deep in debt in 2014 with multiple loans and a mortgage balance of $156,000. By acknowledging that they have financial problems, listening to the right people, and managing their expenses with renewed resolve, the couple managed to gain financial freedom and independence.

What you can do if you are in debt and at a loss in how you can solve your financial woes is reach out to credible financial experts who are ready to listen and organize a plan for you. Get to know Ben Stein, Suze Orman, or Dave Ramsey. Experts like these can map out a path to a successful financial plan and eventually teach you how to control your money.

The best age to start mapping out your plan towards financial independence is now. If you are in your 20s who wants to acquire some assets, review your purchasing power and consult experts on how you can save up for your needs. If you are in your 30s and starting a family, make sure that you determine needs from wants and focus more, if not solely, on the former. Seek insurance early and compute for your family’s health coverage so that you won’t have to borrow money when dire needs arise.

Do not wait until you are at the age of retirement before you take control of your finances. Some companies do not offer retirement packages and for those who do, does not really cover what you need to live off after your work life. The best thing to do is take in as much research as you can about financial management. Seeking the proper education and guidance places you way ahead to the future with proper investments and managed credit, even as inflation remains inevitable.

Always remember that being practical is never a sign that you are depriving yourself. Setting your path towards financial literacy all the more secures a brighter future not only for yourself, but for your loved ones as well.


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